Meet the people behind Hope for Tomorrow

Hope for Tomorrow designed and launched the world’s first mobile chemotherapy unit in February 2007. This was inspired by our late founder Christine Mills. Finding out you have cancer can be frightening and life changing, together with this the treatment can be difficult, time consuming and stressful. It can cause practical and financial issues for the patient and their family.

Our Purpose:

driving cancer care forward
enhancing cancer care now:
timeliness and convenience; supporting cancer care future:
innovation and advancement

Our Mission:

creating new spaces for cancer care delivery, developing mobile and static environments for medical providers to deliver patient-centric, professional cancer care: community, convenience, timely.

Our Vision:

convenient cancer care
enabling cancer treatment to be delivered in the right way, at the right time, in close proximity to patients

Our Values:

People at the heart: Hope for Tomorrow is run by people, for people. Patients, nurses, clinicians, fundraisers,  family, team.

Real life, real people, real circumstances: Hope for Tomorrow understand what is real to the patients, and seek  to make it better.

Building bonds collaboratively: Hope for Tomorrow partner with people – the NHS, their patients, fundraisers,  sponsrs and nurses.

Genuine delivery: Hope for Tomorrow was born out of compassion because they care. Enabling the NHS to  support their patients with cancer treatment challenges.

Thoughtful and attentive: Hope for Tomorrow is respectful of patient’s challenges, enabling the NHS to  provide cancer treatment with dignity.

Hope and strive: Hope for Tomorrow continually seek to evolve, doing what they do better, and enabling the  treatments of the future. Literally “Hope for Tomorrow”.

Being close to patients: Hope for Tomorrow’s core essence is to enable the NHS to deliver treatments within  local communities.

Leadership Team

Tina Seymour
Chief Executive Officer
Leanda Bickley
Head of Partnerships and Fleet
Alison Selby
Head of Fundraising
Kam Mistry
Head of Acquisitions and Engagement
Karen Wilson
Finance Manager
Jo Courtney-Wiggins
Office Manager


Dr Sean Elyan (Chair)
Louise Burgess (Vice Chair)
Tom McInerney
Paul Tuck
Andrew Goodall
Emma Thomas
Giles Pink
Ashleigh Deal