Barchester Care Homes Collect Clothes for Cancer Care and support Hope for Tomorrow

Jul 20, 2021

“The cause just seemed to resonate with people. To be able to have your treatment come to a location closer to you, just makes total sense”

When Kieran Baines, Customer Relationship Manager at Barchester Healthcare first heard about Hope for Tomorrow in May 2021 it was at a time when care homes were still isolated from their communities as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Kieran and his colleagues were desperate to find ways to connect their group of care homes with the wider community, while raising money for a good cause and our clothes collection challenge was the perfect fit. Kieran explains:

Giving back to the community

“Barchester care homes had so much support over the past 16 months we really wanted to find a way to give back, but we were very limited in what we could do. It wasn’t possible to host an event and have lots of people attending and our team were extremely busy with their essential day to day work.  We saw that this was something we could do, we provided drop-off spots for clothes at the homes that took part and connected with our local communities.”

The response was completely unexpected and the four care homes that took part were overwhelmed with donations, between them collecting almost two tonnes of unwanted clothes.

“We put the word out to the community and volunteer groups that each of the care homes that took part is connected with and the response was fantastic. It was a great opportunity for a spring clean ahead of restrictions lifting, all while raising money from things you no longer want.”

“The cause just seemed to resonate with people. To be able to have your treatment come to a location closer to you, just makes total sense, particularly during the pandemic where vulnerable people needed to stay away from hospitals.”

A real team effort

Care home staff from Alice Grange in Ipswich, Leonard Lodge in Brentwood, Paternoster House in Waltham Abbey and Woodside House in Norwich who collected 450 kg, 30 kg, 120 kg and 1,310 kg respectively, really got behind the challenge and had a lot of fun too:

 “We were very pleased to be given the opportunity to support such an amazing charity during such hard times. We would like to say a huge thank you to the local community who helped us to achieve the massive 120kg of donations. We are looking forward to working alongside Hope For Tomorrow again in the future.” Ashley, Activities Coordinator at Paternoster House

“It was great fun collecting all the donations and everything is going to such a great cause as well. I am very impressed with our sister care homes who managed to collect amazing amounts of donations. It was great to be able to involve everyone in this challenge.” Andrea Crowley, General Manager at Alice Grange

“Our local community really stepped up and got into this challenge with us, and we collected incredible amounts of donations for Hope For Tomorrow as a result. I am very proud that we collected more than all of our other care homes, as it shows how much people want to support great charities.” Sam Lake, Activities Coordinator at Woodside House

How unwanted clothes can support cancer patients

Barchester Healthcare raised £573 for Hope for tomorrow and are planning a similar challenge in the New Year. The money raised pays to keep a mobile cancer care unit on the road for almost three full days, enabling up to sixty treatments to take place on board.

If the Barchester Healthcare team have inspired you, why not start your own team and join our Collect Clothes for Cancer Care challenge, you can find out more and register here.

Hope for tomorrow also have clothes banks at locations around the country where you can donate and recycle your unwanted clothes, to find your nearest drop-off point click here



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