In Memory Donations

Create a Tribute and remember your loved ones in this special way

Dedicated to the memory of your loved ones

Losing a loved one can be so hard. Some people have told us they have found comfort in creating a special tribute page in memory of their loved one to share messages, photos, anecdotes and special memories with family and friends.

This is why we’ve partnered with MuchLoved so that, should you wish you, you can remember your loved ones in this special way. Here you can create your own personalised and free online memorial in memory of your loved one.

It doesn’t take long to set up a tribute page. Once you have, you can share the link with friends, family and loved ones so that everyone can add photos, video, and stories, people can mark anniversaries by lighting a virtual candle, people can donation in honour of your loved one or fundraise in memory of them as well.

Your tribute page will stay open for as long as you would like it to, and can be a real way of celebrating their life and honouring their memory with others.

To set up a tribute page, simply click here. When you are setting up your page, you will have the option to choose Hope for Tomorrow for people to donate in memory of your loved one if they want to.

If you have any issues setting up your tribute page, or would like to speak to anyone about this, please contact Kelly Caple on 01666 333348 ext 1016 or email her at


Who can set up a tribute page?

Anyone can set up a page via MuchLoved, but we’d suggest it’s done in agreement with or in the knowledge of the loved one’s family.

Can anyone access my page?

You can choose the settings so you control who sees the page. If it’s private, only people you send the URL to will be able to access it. If it’s public, it’ll be easier to search for so more friends and relatives can view and contribute to the page.

Do people have to make a donation to add a message to the page?

No, a donation is optional.

What can I do once my page is set up?

Let friends, family and loved ones know about the page, and then you can upload your favourite photographs, videos and memories and you and others can light candles in memory your loved one. Your page will remain open for as long as you like.