Lynsey Davies

In October 2017 Lynsey was diagnosed with primary breast cancer. Two years later she married her long-term partner, Ben. At their wedding, Lynsey and Ben decided to raise money for Hope for Tomorrow.

Lynsey was initially diagnosed with Primary Breast Cancer in October 2017 and finished treatment in July 2018. During this time, Lynsey used a Hope for Tomorrow mobile cancer care unit for five months, where she could have a weekly PICC line flush whilst having chemotherapy. Following a second diagnosis for secondary/metastatic breast cancer, she returned to the unit in September 2019 for monthly Zometa infusions and also had her chemotherapy administered on board, once she had received the first two treatments in hospital.

Ben and Lynsey got married in November 2019 and, refusing wedding presents at their wedding, they instead asked for donations to support Hope for Tomorrow. The couple raised over £2,300 from their wedding collection, with extra donations following as others donated in support of Lynsey and the couples’ generosity.

Lynsey was a true advocate of our Units. The mobile cancer care unit that Lynsey received treatment on is based in West Suffolk and is known as ‘Frisbey’. Lynsey affectionately told us that it can feel like a party on-board because of the lively atmosphere and friendly individuals, describing how ‘meeting local ladies in the same situation as myself has also been an unexpected, but added bonus. Being able to chat to someone local who is in the same boat as yourself can bring great comfort and support’.

With a cancer diagnosis, especially a terminal one, it was suggested to and expected of Lynsey that she take time away from work and focus on the things that she would one day no longer be able to do. Lynsey, however, was determined to carry on with her work and visiting the Unit enabled her to do so. Rather than taking half a day off work for her treatment, Lynsey only needed an hour at most to get to and from the MCCU and have the treatment that she needed.

Lynsey truly understood the benefits of our mobile cancer care units; knowing all too well that they can give the gift of time to someone who is going through cancer.

By visiting the unit and reducing the time it took to travel to and from treatment, Lynsey had more time to spend with Ben, more time to give to her valuable work and more time to live her life without worrying about her cancer.

Sadly Lynsey died in March 2021. Ben continues to fundraise for Hope for Tomorrow in Lynsey’s memory and the couple’s selflessness and the generosity of their wedding guests will keep our wheels turning, meaning that we can continue to help more cancer patients. We are incredibly grateful for their support.

Do you want to fundraise for us and help keep the wheels turning? Contact us today to find out how you can raise funds for Hope for Tomorrow and make a difference for patients like Lynsey.

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